Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

My momma has made me this nice blog so that I can keep writing about what is going on in my life.  But she also told me that I have to share it with the other cats and the bunny.  What nerve, huh?  They never wrote diaries on Catster, so maybe I'll still get the whole blog to myself anyway. I run the household, after all.


  1. Wonderful blog, looking forward to reading your free-flowing thoughts!

    Hazel Lucy

  2. Great blog Nikolai! Hope to read more soon!

  3. Cool! Ours is the PDX pride at for Rori, Tabby (Tabitha), Carbon, Starla, Heimdall & Freya, and angels Skylar, Lydia, Sara Princess, and Spooky. We're on Catster, too, but now will put our diaries ONLY on our blogspot. Do you know about the Cat Blogosphere? It's a list of links and a quasi-community at

  4. I'll be stopping by to visit, Dreamboat #24!

    (Samoa's Mawmee)

  5. Hi Nikolai! Thank you so very much for mentioning and linking to my site! We try to help a lot of sick kitties so we're very grateful to you for the help!

  6. Hey Nikolai!
    I am so happy to hear from you. Hooray for Nikolai and his two wonderful Mommies! You can bet we will be stopping in.
    We love you
    Elise & Genny

  7. Neat blog Nikolai. You can bet we will be stopping by to read more.

    Loving Purrs,
    Mea-Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo, Mimu, and Maui

  8. Wow - thanks everyone for stopping in!

    PDX Pride - I added you furs to my blog roll. Yes, I've heard of the Cat Blogosphere. Momma Amy follows many of those blogs, and I will soon get some more of them on my blog roll.

    Alex and Momma Lisa - I must thank you for your site. I have IBD and I've found the information very helpful. And if I can help someone else find their way to it, then I will be happy and purring.

  9. Nicolai! I didn't know you had IBD! How are you doing? Are you on medications and treamtents?

  10. The vet hasn't officially diagnosed me, but all of my symptoms fit. I think they are just trying to treat each thing as it comes up rather than lumping me into a category. Mom has been going to this vet for 15 years, so she trusts them.

    Right now I am taking a daily dose of flagyl, dexamethasone every other day, leukeran every fourh day.

    My moms have me on super good food -- i.e., no Nutro!-- which is grain free. I eat Now! and Go! from Pecurean. They have a new formulation for both wet and dry that is a grain-free trout and has pumpkin and other soothing things in it. The pet food store where mom buys the food told her that another IBD kitty is eating it and doing very well on it, so mom bought a lot.

  11. Nikolai, has your vet said he "suspects" IBD? I'm guessing yes since you woulnd't be on these particular medications if they didn't. I'm in dire need of some case studies for my site. Would you be interested in adding your story? we can just put "suspected IBD" and any other conditions you have. It would really help out a lot of other kitty parents who are trying to help their babies with these conditions as well. It's up to you, it would be in the Living with IBD section and you'd be internationally famous!!! LOLO. Let me know if you're interested and we can talk more about it. Email me at otherwise I can probably give you some suggestions for a few natural things to add that could also help. Glad you're doing well and things are stabilize Nokolai!!!
    Love Alex and Lisa