Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today is my birthday.  I am 11 years young.  Technically, it is the birthday of my brother, Tygre, too.  But can't a girl have a birthday to herself?  I had to share my mom-cat's womb with Tygre.  And I have to share my human-mom with Tygre.  You'd think the least I could have would be my own birthday.  Hmphh!

In any case, I have had a wonderful day.  There was much tissue paper and wrapping paper to be had.  And many sparkle balls in my favorite colors:  red and pink!  I love to run into the wrapping paper and then grab a sparkle ball, pat it around and then stick it in my mouth.

I also had catnip and I here tuna may be on the menu tonight.  Yum!  If only I did not have to share the tuna with Tygre.


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  1. Happy birthday to you and your brother! It was nice of Dreamboat to let you post on his blog!