Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Day, Another Blog

For my second day of blogging, I can report that my mom finally figured out how to get my flickr photos to show up on my blog, so you all can now see photos of my furr-mily.  Of course, there are many photos of me.  Speaking of me, I got treated to a quail parade in my backyard after dinner--what great kitty TV!  Check it out:
There were about ten quail that went by on the fence.  Mom was able to snap a quick photo before all the quail passed. 


  1. Hi Dreamboat! Love your flickr photo gallery! Is that your new bunny sister Sydney Rabbit in the photos? She's cute! Those quail would make a yummy dinner. :))

  2. Yes, that's our new bunny. She looks like me.

    They sure would :-)

  3. Wow quail! Mom says there are quail in the nature preserve across the street but birds don't come here because of Mommy's colony. Too many kities around!