About Me and My Furr-mily

Here's a little bit about us in our own words:

Nikolai -  I was born under a trailer in a trailer park in Verdi, NV. I was the runt of the litter of kitties born to a feral momma. My whole inbred family lived under Gram's house. My Gram was able to catch most of my family and find homes for us. My human mom was still living with my Gram , and they rescued me from a life of destitution. I had a cold when I was little and it looked like I was crying. My mom took me with her when she moved because I looked sad and she wanted to take care of me. She was very interested in Russian literature at the time, so she gave me a proper Russian name: Nikolai Ivanovich Raskolnikov. And now I am the royalty of the house.

Sheba -  Murr, I picked out my mom myself. My grandmother ran the local soup kitched for wayward homeless kitties in Verdi, NV. I came regularly for a free meal and decided my mom would be mine. Unfortunately, my grandmother said my mom could not adopt anymore of the wayward strays they fed. But then it turned cold, and my grandmother agreed to let me stay in the bathroom during the night. I did not like this and would unwind rolls upon rolls of toilet paper. Eventually, my mom's first kitty passed away. My mom was very upset, and I would come lick the tears off her face. At that point, my mom was mine. Since that time, my mom has graduated from high school, college, moved a handful of times, adopted three other kitties (a source of murr!!!). I now live with my mom, her partner (Momma Amy), the three other kitties, and Momma Amy's two bunnies.

Tygre -   I was the runt of a litter born under Gram's home in Verdi.  My mom even had to bottle feed me until I could eat on my own.  I don't act my age - I still think I'm a kitten, which is why my mom sometimes calls me Peter Pan.  I've been very shy since I was young.  I once escaped from the house and got stuck in an above-ground pool all night.  Luckily, there wasn't much water left in it, but I was cold and scared.  My mom says I've been shy ever since.  But now I have no desire to venture outside.  I like to stay inside and love on my mom and to play with sparkle balls and feather toys.

Minnie - Like my brother and half-brother, I was born to a feral cat-mother under a trailer. Try as they might, my mother's family could not capture my feral cat-mother. So instead they took in all of us kitties as soon as we were weaned and tried to find us homes. I was initially adopted out to a woman who had two other cats, but I did not fit into that family, so I was returned. This whole ordeal of being returned traumatized me and I became rather aloof. My mother's partner (my special person) is now working on making me more social. I've improved significantly.

Sydney - I do not know of my beginnings, but I am told that an elderly man cared and love me and another rabbit. Unfortunately, he had to go into a nursing home.  His daughter took me and the other rabbit to the Nevada Humane Society, but when the staff was unable to do an intake interview with her immediately, she just left me and the other rabbit in the entryway.  On Saturday, September 11, 2010, I found two suckers who I charmed with my antics.  These suckers had prior rabbit experience and allowed their rabbits to have free run of the house, so I knew these were the suckers for me. 
Brinkley (Rainbow Bridge) - 

Snoopy (Rainbow Bridge) -