Monday, October 18, 2010

I injured myself

Last night, I was in the bedroom with my mom and we were just starting to play Shoestring when mom noticed blood on the carpet.  She wasn't sure what it was at first, but then there was more and she figured out it was coming from me.  One of my nails came out!  My pad was all bloody and sore.  Mom first thought she must have tugged too hard on the shoestring while I was holding it, but there was no blood or no nail in the shoestring.  Mom had to fight to get me to hold still while she put a styptic pad on my paw.  I sure didn't want to sit still--my paw hurt and that stuff stings.  She got me cleaned up and put some weird antibiotic powder on my foot.  I thought I was all done, but no.  This morning, Momma Amy took me to the V-E-T.  And not only did the V-E-T look at my injured paw, she took some blood and scraped my teeth (Momma Amy says I was due for all of these things anyway, but I'm not so sure).  But the V-E-T said that the nail broke off clean, so she wasn't too worried.  That is good, but I have to take icky antibiotics and have that powder stuff on my foot.  Yuck.

1 comment:

  1. Your vet visit sure didn't sound like much fun, dreamboat! I hope your paw feels better today!