Nikolai's Nutrition and Health Corner

On this page, you will find many links to websites related to pet nutrition and health.  If there is a recall, I will hunt it down and provide information about it here without fear of reprisal.  I will also post links to pet health sites that are informative and reliable.

Food and Drug Administration - The FDA has a site dedicated to animal health and safety.  There are pages dealing with veterinary drugs, pet foods, consumer information, recalls, animal health literacy, and research.  You can subscribe to a number of different newsletters and even follow these folks on Twitter.  The main Animal and Veterinary page can be found HERE.  

Recall notices, in particular, can be found HERE.  

Pet food recalls can be found HERE.

      Cornell's Feline Health Center -  This site is run by the School of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.  You can find articles, videos, and brochures of all kinds relating to feline health.  They even have a store.  You can find their site HERE.

      You may also recognize their name because they're the folks who put out The Cornell Book of Cats. - If you're a cat with diabetes, I've found to be very helpful.  There are many pages here on a variety of diabetes-related topics such as glucose monitoring, exercise, and diet.  They also have a message board where you can ask questions.

      Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Likewise, if  you have feline IBD, you may find IBD Kitties helpful.  There are tips and tricks, plus pages on food, medication, and living with IBD, not to mention many moving personal stories. 

      Feline Asthma -  If you're a cat who has asthma or other respiratory conditions, the site has a lot of good information.  My brother, Tygre, uses the inhaler they show on here.